January 13, 2009

How Much Has It Cost Your Company by Not Using Voiyager?

If you were to take a serious look at the typical costs associated with your entire VoiceXML application lifecycle you could likely find inefficiencies that are consuming more resources than your company can afford to waste. Consider some of the cost factors any company has to contend with as a part of regular application maintenance:

  • Bugs in production systems

  • Delayed development cycles

  • Lost or failed IVR transactions

  • Extended quality testing phases

  • Incomplete business logic review

  • Limited testing resources

These typical issues are often at the core of how lifecycle inefficiencies drain an organization of valuable resources that can amount to as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

If you are like most companies in today's economy, you can't afford not to consider Voiyager.

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Voiyager In The News.

Voiyager 2009 is Released.

This latest release continues to build on an already rich suite of time saving solutions available in Voiyager. Among some of the items included in this latest release are:

  • Error path exploration has been added to training data options.

  • New filtering of customer impacting items in issues report.

  • Exploration snapshots can replace current exploration data.

  • New support for the ABNF form of the Speech Recognition Grammar Specification.

  • New Issues Report.

  • New Comparison Report.

  • New comparison and issues reports can now be exported in .PDF format.

  • Task Monitor provides the ability to view task details.

The 2009 release will automatically be made available to any customer with an active subscription.

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With few exceptions, last year was a tough year for many companies. With tough cost cutting decisions many organizations are forced to look at ways to accomplish more with fewer resources.


New Single Application Pricing Available.

The Voiyager annual subscription is now available in single application project pricing. This new pricing model is more flexible and extends affordability to companies with fewer application projects. For more detailed pricing inquiries please contact:



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