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December 18, 2007 - Syntellect Releases Voiyager 2008.

The first general availability release of Voiyager Dynamic Application Discovery promises to change the VoiceXML development world.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phoenix, AZ. � December 18, 2007.  Syntellect has announced the maiden release of VoiyagerTM Dynamic Application DiscoveryTM - a breakthrough application testing solution that addresses comprehensive testing and quality assurance demands while dramatically reducing the time and effort required to design, deploy, and maintain VoiceXML applications. Syntellect has been engaged in pre-release Early Access testing and proof of concepts with various large application development teams in the industry in order to prepare the product for launch.

�This is a very exciting milestone for what has been about one year�s worth of hard work,� says Steve Dodenhoff, President of Syntellect. �We have been vigorously engaged in working with various early access customers to validate the value of improved application development and testing methodologies that are enabled by Voiyager."

�We have had great success with our Early Access program which allowed us to work with potential customers to validate Voiyager�s capabilities on various application platforms,� says Bruce Sherman, Voiyager Product Manager at Syntellect. �During this process we have been able to demonstrate where the resource savings are recognized in the development and quality assurance phases. Specifically in one instance we were able to show how Voiyager was able to complete a month�s worth of application testing effort in a matter of an hour�s time. In another instance Voiyager uncovered production level bugs that would have generated over $500,000 in development resolution and opportunity costs.�

Voiyager is the first application that provides 100% application analysis. No other full lifecycle testing methodology or product provides enterprises the validation that deployed applications are error-free. Higher initial quality applications are now possible through Voiyager�s automated application discovery.

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