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April 22, 2008 - One of the Largest Dental Insurance Carriers Leverages Voiyager Technology to Validate New IVR Application

Voiyager Technology Enabled Validation of Design Requirements,
Standards Compliance and Error Detection in Application Acceptance Phase

PHOENIX � April 22, 2008 � One of the largest dental insurance carriers adopted Voiyager, a groundbreaking new technology, while in the application acceptance phase of a new IVR application from a third party provider.

Voiyager Dynamic Application Discovery provided the major insurance carrier with the only solution available to thoroughly evaluate their new VoiceXML application before accepting the application from their service provider. Voiyager uses unique technology to fully exercise an application, uncover potential errors and validate that the application business logic meets the design requirements. Navigating the application as many as 38,000 times in five hours, Voiyager was able to provide the benefits carrier with information needed to identify defects, uncover design discrepancies and subsequently communicate the required changes to their application provider. During this process, Voiyager identified items that would have otherwise been costly for the benefits carrier to address had they been uncovered after the acceptance period.

Voiyager allowed the benefits carrier to analyze and test the application substantially more than they could have done using traditional testing methods in the 30 days they had to sign-off on the application acceptance. As a result, they will be using Voiyager going forward to assist in maintaining and updating the new application.

Voiyager is the first application that provides 100% application analysis. No other full lifecycle testing methodology or product provides enterprises the validation that deployed applications are error-free. Higher initial quality applications are now possible through Voiyager�s automated application discovery.

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Bruce Sherman, Voiyager Product Manager
Syntellect, Inc.