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August 26, 2008 - Syntellect�s Voiyager Named 2008 Star Performer by Speech Technology Magazine

PHOENIX � August 26, 2008 � PHOENIX � August 26, 2008 � Syntellect, Inc., a leading provider of contact center management solutions, was recognized last week by Speech Technology magazine as one of this year's Star Performers for their new technology innovation, Voiyager Dynamic Application Discovery. Chosen by the editors at Speech Technology and presented at the 2008 SpeechTEK Conference in New York City, this prestigious award is defined, in part, as, ��well-known and established companies that have brought the industry to new heights through promising product or service launches, renewed attention to existing products or services, and an overall focus on the future.�

�We are very pleased to be named as a Star Performer alongside other 2008 winners, including Microsoft,� said Steve Dodenhoff, president of Syntellect. �More importantly is how Voiyager has performed for our customers. One client achieved savings of more than $500,000 in personnel and testing expenses in just the first month of using Voiyager. Ultimately, Voiyager has guaranteed high quality, error free, customer service telephony applications for millions of callers.�

The Voiyager solution is aimed squarely at the problem of defects in applications that negatively impact customer service. Common approaches are either people and process-centric or rely on third-party services, both of which fail to provide complete application coverage at a reasonable cost. Voiyager is the first VoiceXML testing solution that provides 100% analysis to uncover bugs in the application before customers do. Voiyager enables the automation of test-driven development processes and allows for testing and validation in a fraction of the time typically needed for VoiceXML applications. With Voiyager, enterprises can confidently deploy error-free applications that enhance the customer experience while improving the bottom line. For additional information about Voiyager visit

 For additional information about Voiyager visit

About Syntellect

At Syntellect we help our customers create, maintain and continuously improve superior end-to-end service for their customers - personalized service that values their preferences from the way they contact a business, to the level of help desired. Our success is measured by our ability to implement and continuously support solutions for our customers. With more than twenty years of pioneering leadership and thousands of solutions deployed globally, Syntellect is a premier provider of enterprise-class contact center solutions for the high-technology, financial services, help desk, utilities, government, and consumer products industries.

Syntellect is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has additional offices in North America and the United Kingdom. For more information about Syntellect, Inc. visit

Bruce Sherman, Voiyager Product Manager
Syntellect, Inc.