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January 13, 2009 - Syntellect Releases Voiyager 2009

PHOENIX � January 13, 2009 � Syntellect announced its upgraded release of VoiyagerTM Dynamic Application DiscoveryTM - a breakthrough application testing solution that addresses comprehensive testing and quality assurance demands while dramatically reducing the time and effort required to design, deploy, and maintain VoiceXML applications. The new Voiyager offers advanced functionality that aids in the cost reduction efforts required to develop and test VoiceXML applications. This release is available to all customers with active Voiyager subscriptions.

�We continue to bring new functionality to Voiyager that enables organizations to reduce the costs associated with the VoiceXML application lifecycle,� says Bruce Sherman, product manager for Syntellect. �In retrospect, our timing couldn�t have been more critical when we released Voiyager last year. Our economic environment is driving the need for all companies to be smarter and more efficient with the limited resources they have available. We are all in a position to reevaluate our processes and find ways to do better with less. The Voiyager suite of solutions can bring real bottom line savings to companies that are looking to save time and money without sacrificing their application quality, and ultimately, the level of service they extend to their critical customers.�

A partial list of the items included in this release of Voiyager is:

� New error path analysis
� Improved training data entry
� Better archive management of explorations
� More granular management of issues reports
� More comprehensive comparison data

Voiyager is the first application that provides 100% application analysis. No other full lifecycle testing methodology or product provides enterprises the validation that deployed applications are error-free. Higher initial quality applications are now possible through Voiyager�s automated application discovery, which reduces costs, improves efficiencies and enhances.

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Syntellect is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has additional offices in North America, United Kingdom, Croatia and Singapore.

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Voiyager Contact Details:
Bruce Sherman, Voiyager Product Manager
Syntellect, Inc.