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August 13, 2009 - Syntellect Introduces Free Trial Version of Voiyager

August 13, 2009 - PHOENIX - Syntellect announces the availability of a free 30-day trial version of the latest 2009.3 release of Voiyagertm Dynamic Application Discovery tm - a breakthrough application testing solution that addresses comprehensive testing and quality assurance demands while dramatically reducing the time and effort required to design, deploy, and maintain VoiceXML applications.

The Voiyager trial version includes all the needed software for a fully functional installation as well as a sample VoiceXML application that will be used for testing. With guidance from a simple installation wizard and a "getting started" guide, companies can have Voiyager running in as little as 10 minutes.

"This trial program will allow any company to evaluate how easy it is to test VoiceXML applications using Voiyager, "says Bruce Sherman, product manager for Syntellect. "With a minimal time investment of about an hour, an organization can discover how the suite of time saving tools in Voiyager can help reduce costs across the entire application lifecycle. Considering the cost savings Voiyager customers have experienced ranging from the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, that one hour is time well spent."

Investing just one hour evaluating Voiyager can prove the following time and money saving benefits:

  • Entire VoiceXML application lifecycle process improvements

  • The only full application exploration technology

  • Most thorough testing solution available

  • Immediate problems or risk identification

  • Early bug detection and resolution

  • Greater efficiency in issues communication amongst teams

  • Improved regression testing process

  • Integrated business logic review

  • System monitoring and load testing

  • And ultimately, higher quality applications - the first time

The free trial can be obtained by visiting and clicking on the "Submit Your Request" button.

Voiyager is the first application that provides 100% application analysis. No other full lifecycle testing methodology or product provides enterprises the validation that deployed applications are error-free. Higher initial quality applications are now possible through Voiyager�s automated application discovery, which reduces costs, improves efficiencies and enhances the customer experience by eliminating broken paths before your customers discover them.

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Bruce Sherman, Voiyager Product Manager
Syntellect, Inc.